Greta 365: Days 46 - 83

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For those of you who don't follow me on instagram here is an update on my 365 photo project.  I am still months behind posting the photos but hope to get caught up soon!  Don't hold your breathe though.

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Arlo {7 days}

Monday, May 12, 2014

I am so excited to finally introduce you to my nephew, Arlo Benjamin at 7 days new.  I may be a bit biased, but isn't he the cutest??  He was full of smiles during his photo shoot. I like to think it was because he was hanging out with his favorite Aunt. 

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Weekend Recap

Monday, April 14, 2014

If we take Sunday out of the equation the weather this weekend was fabulous.  We took advantage and got on our bikes.  We recently bought a new bike trailer for the girls and I was anxious to give it a try.

Ethan wasn't around to pull the girls so I decided I was going to do it. I usually leave the pulling up to him because, well,  he has bigger muscles than I do.  But I couldn't wait and waste a perfectly nice day.  As soon as the girls were done with gymnastics we loaded up and headed to a trail.   I have rode by myself before but never alone with the kids.  I was a bit nervous and thought the worst things that could happen is I would get too tired and have to sit on the side of the trail for a nap or I get a flat tire.  And what are the chances of that??!!

I got a flat tire. I have changed a flat tire before so I was willing to give it a try..until I realized I didn't even have the tool to do it.  Luckily we were not far from town so I figured I would just walk the bike/trailer to the nearest bike shop. BUT then a biker man stopped and was nice enough to offer to fix the flat for me. I think his name was Chris, but I am terrible with names so it could have been Matt or George or Jared.  But we will call him Chris. Thanks Chris!

Poor guy had no idea I was taking a picture of him. But I blog and I needed proof of the nice biker man.

Once the tire was fixed we made our way to the park.

Matilda slept. She even missed out on the tire changing.

And of course Greta thought it was soooo hot out and immediately took her shirt off.   There were two other moms at the park who I am pretty sure gave me questioning looks that I let my DAUGHTER take her shirt off! And it really wasn't that warm out.

After a quick stop at the bike shop for more air in the tire and a new spare tube we hit up the ice cream shop.

Heaven for these girls.

Luckily the ride back to the car was uneventful.

Saturday proved to be just as nice but windy.  We braved it anyway. And heck, I wasn't pulling the girls today so why not?!?

It involved....pre-ride beer.  Root Beer for the kiddos of course. I looked over at them once and they were doing "cheers" with their cups.

Toes in the wind.

And mom/daughter selfies. rained, we took naps, did a whole lot of nothing, had the girls go to the basement to "play" in their bike helmets while we waited out a tornado warning, listened to it rain some more and then off to bed again.

I call it a successful weekend!  Hope you had a good one!  Did you get out and enjoy the nice weather?

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So What Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life After I Dew

I am saying So What If...

  • I actually wrote this post last week but never got around to posting it. 
  • I haven't posted an update on my 365 photo project on instagram for a month and on the blog for almost 2 months. Be prepared for Greta overload soon!
  • I have yet to say No when the girls ask to watch Frozen. It means they sit still for more than 2 minutes and stop destroying the house. 
  • I am still not a morning person. I set my alarm to exercise every morning. It never happens.
  • I am in love with the photos of this girl and her dog (see facebook page here).   I love when my girls hang out with our dogs.  They haven't started dressing the dogs up...but I think Ruby may let them if they tried. It also confirms that I would love to have a bulldog someday.
  • I text or call my sister everyday to check if she is having her baby yet. Even though I am pretty positive she would inform me if she is going into labor.  But just in case...I check in every morning. 
  • I talk to my mom everyday. Seriously, everyday. Not because she is about to go into labor though..just because.  She's my mom and I like to talk to her.   I wonder if my girls will talk to me everyday when they are older?   I hope so. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is how we feel about our Thursday.  And this is what I want to do. Tongue hanging out and all.
 Lucky girl. 

The not so lucky girl. As she is getting sick in the middle of the night she said with the saddest voice ever..."Mom, I am not going to be able to play. The sun will be up in a little bit and all I will be able to do is rest."
Good news is as I write this she is starting to act like herself. Those 10 popsicles must of done the trick (thanks grandma Jan). 

Now our fingers are crossed this one doesn't get it. We have big weekend plans to celebrate another special 2 year olds birthday. 

Hope your Thursday has been less stinky than ours. 

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First Ride of 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

This weekend the weather finally warmed up for a bit. It didn't last long but it was just enough time to go on our first bike ride of the year.  I even pulled the girls in the trailer for a bit. It was only for a couple miles but I am pretty sure it was all uphill!!

You must fuel up before a ride.

And well, be happy!

Lets rolls...almost. I ended up with a flat that needed a tube change. So while Ethan was doing that I took off on his bike and pulled the girls.  After Ethan fixed the tire he rode to catch up with us.  I only got a couple miles before he caught I said it was all uphill! I swear.

It didn't take long and she was out. 

When riding with kids, its important to take park breaks. 

And when riding with's important to take beer breaks. I have no idea who that guy is behind the beer. And that is not my hand....maybe not even my beer, but still you get the idea. 

I call the first ride a success. 

In other news...this is what it looked like today.  Really winter?? Go away!!  I am hopeful this is the last week of it.  This coming weekend it's looking to push 70 degrees!! You know what that means...more time on the bike!

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Small Town Girl in NYC

Friday, March 14, 2014

My husband and I went to visit his brother in Brooklyn, New York this past weekend. We had lots of fun and thank his brother for letting us come and showing us around.

Here are some of my observations/thoughts on our trip.

  • Taxi drivers are awful drivers.
  • Taxi drivers make me car sick.
  • Luckily someone had warned me about the taxi drivers and I brought my barf bag from the plane with me. It took everything I had not to use it. You know if I hadn't brought it I would of needed it. 
  • The visit verified what I already knew, I enjoy visiting but do not want to live in a large city. Or any size city for the matter.  
  • If I did live in NYC I would become a dog walker.
  • Dog of choice appears to be a French bulldog.
  • I now want a French bulldog.
  • My favorite part of NYC was not the people watching but rather the dog watching.
  • I still would not order lamb meat even though it was on the menu at almost every restaurant we went to.
  • Going to the 9/11 memorial made me cry. 
  • If you want to drink beer in NYC, go directly to the brewery. It was the cheapest beer we had.  We may have spent an entire afternoon in the tasting room at Brooklyn Brewing.
  • Interesting fact about Brooklyn Brewing. They guy who designed their logo also designed the "I love NY"  logo. They paid him for the design by giving him free beer for life. Lucky guy. He is now in his 90's and probably still getting his beer!
  • Having a personal tour guide is a must. Thanks again Ty. If it were not for you I am pretty sure we would be lost in NYC right now. 
  • I missed my girls. I swear they got older in the 4 nights I was away from them. 
  • I would not want to raise my kids in a large city but give props to those who do (especially the women in the subway with infant triplets and a small child).  Your child would learn how to be a great stroller rider and then around age 3 a great scooter rider. 
  • I think this was the first vacation I did not gain weight on due to all the walking we did.
  • I advise against traveling to a different time zone during daylight savings for a couple reasons.
    1. I am so tired and can't seem to recover. I blame it on the time change.
    2. You may forget to change your alarm clock when you get home and that will make you an hour late to work. 
And a few pictures of our trip because a blog without photos feels incomplete.
Brooklyn Bridge
Pre Avett Brothers concert drink and pretzel.  We may now be considered groupies of the Avett Brothers.  It was not a coincidence that they were playing in Brooklyn the weekend we went. 

9/11 memorial site. 

9/11 memorial site. 

A white rose is placed on the names the day of their birthday. It was Anne's birthday when we were there. Happy Birthday Anne.  There's at least one birthday on everyday of the year. 

Central Park

The boys at the brewery.

Sun was going down when we left the brewery. 

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